strength training for women

Strength exercises for women: A Perfect Guide to stay fit

Girls, ladies and married women have all the right reserved to stay fit, like guys, men, and married men have their. Today in this competitive environment both men and women have to work hard to live their life, for the same, it has been experienced that working in tough environment is injurious for health for both male and female candidates.

Men have easy access to gyms and fitness center in Noida, but when we talk about women, their husband, brothers, and parents become conservative and over protective all because they are afraid because of the environment and old-school society. With the help of this post we would like inform with list of important facts and types of strength exercises related to those facts which are proved by several trustworthy researchers and doctors.

Thankfully now days there are more women strength training centers than ever before. Those days are gone when girls generally enroll themselves in aerobics or yoga classes, all because of male dominant fitness centers.

Some Best Suggested Strength Exercises for Women

The list of strength exercises provided below will help women to reduce their unwanted body fat, and will increase their stamina to do any work they want. Please go through the list on step by step basis, and follow the exercise in the vision of experienced gym trainer.

Strength exercise for Lower Body

    • Barbell Squat
    • Dumbbell lunges
    • Split Squat
    • Barbell Deadlift
    • Good Mornings

Exercises for Upper Body Horizontal Pushing

      • Pushups
      • Barbell Bench Press
      • Dumbbell bench Press
      • Incline Bench Press

Upper Body Vertical Pressing

      • Dumbbell Shoulder Press
      • Military Press
      • Handstand Pushups

Upper Body Vertical Pulling

      • Lat Pull Downs
      • Chin-Ups
      • Pull Ups

Upper Body Horizontal Pulling

      • Seated Cable Rows
      • Bent Over Barbell rows
      • One-Arm Dumbbell Rows

Core Exercises

      • AB Roller
      • Planks
      • Hanging Leg Raises

If you spent rest of your time in gym or training center, trying the above listed exercises with full concentration and strength, it would be easy for you to build a lean and appealing body without any hurdle, and questions to be asked. You will be able to build a better body with fast rate. You just have to take help of a gym trainer and equipment’s for effective and desired results.